Children play table with storage

Play tables are surely a nice thing for all kids. Not only they allow your kids to have fun, they can also offer some storage opportunities – the more, the better. They are both good looking and practical, combining fun and functionality. There are a lot of options on the market, jam packed with ways to keep the kids busy and stimulate their young minds, but also with lots of storage elements to put all those wonderful things away when they’re done with them.

….on the top the table has space for imaginative play. Underneath it has two drawers, where your child can storage his toys.



…a beautiful DIY project! Construction is made of plywood and the play table is equipped with two compartments for storing toys. The chalkboard top is perfect for setting up a creative playing space, as the kids can draw whatever they like.


…we love the classic look of this children activity table. Not only it looks good, it also offers lots of toy storage space. Designed with kids in mind, it perfectly illustrates that you don’t need to sacrifice style for function.



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