15. Brick Patio Patterns

Especially for a contemporary home, using unique patterns of brick or paving stones to create your patio can be a really wise design decision.

16. Let There Be Daybeds

Sure, having some comfortable seats on your patio is great; but when you’ve got daybeds, that’s something else entirely different!

17. Designing with Color

In more complete backyard patio, you’ll have to pay as much attention to combining colors as you would in your living room.

18. Setting the Edge

To really have a patio that feels lovely and natural, you’ll need to consider how the edge of your patio blends into your backyard’s landscaping.

19. Opening Up

In warmer climates, you may wish to find a way to allow the doors from inside your home to open up in such a way that your patio becomes an extension of an indoor living space.

20. Cook and Eat

You’ve simply got to love the way in which this small backyard patio perfectly combines the grilling station with the eating station… Yum!


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