10. Truly Living in the Outdoors

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, the sky is the limit! This example is so elaborate and detailed that you could almost consider including the patio in the home’s square footage!

11. Please, Fence Me In

Fences are great for privacy, but they can also be something on an eyesore. However, if you do something like this, you’ll feel much differently about the look of your patio fence!

12. Let There Be Light

When the sun goes down, the lighting on your patio is obviously important. Consider doing something unique and innovative like this!

13. Patio and Pool Placement

Enjoying a backyard pool isn’t just about swimming; it’s also about chilling out next to the pool. Consider that when choosing a location or your backyard patio.

14. Outdoor Drapes

If you’re including a pergola as part of your outdoor patio, perhaps you might wish to incorporate drapes in order to offer a degree of privacy.


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