5. Outdoor Kitchen Placement

If you’re considering including an outdoor kitchen as part of your patio’s design, consider placing it close to the home. This is the most practical way to do things.

6. Sinking Down

To really add a sense of comfort and also personality to your patio, consider including a sunken sitting area (and fire pit) like you see here.

7. Including Water Features

The way that this patio includes water features around the periphery is simply inventive. Even if you don’t do something like this, a water feature can help to increase the “relaxation quotient” of your home’s patio.

8. Setting the Patio Away

If you have a backyard that’s quite large, you may wish to place your patio far away from the home. Doing so allows for late-night relaxation and stargazing.

9. Perfect for Game Day

Can you imagine being able to sit outdoors while you’re watching the big game on a Sunday? If so, then you definitely might want to adopt a design like this!


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